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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Shandong Zhengyang group - Enterprise Culture Manual
1、 The interpretation of "Zhengyang" brand
Right, integrity and integrity; Sun, sunshine.
Integrity and integrity, adhere to the principle of "doing things with the firm and being honest";
Sunshine is vigorous, be a positive energy enterprise, all employees are positive sunshine, full of vitality.
2、 Vision of Zhengyang
Become a customer trust, employee pride, shareholders assured, industry leading enterprise group.
Customer is the foundation of Zhengyang. Only the satisfaction and recognition of customers can keep the company developing rapidly and healthily. It is the duty of Zhengyang group to provide high-quality products and services and improve customer satisfaction. Customer trust is our persistent pursuit.
Employees are the creators of Zhengyang value. Only when the employees and enterprises grow together can they ensure the growth of Zhengyang basic industry. It is our constant pursuit to achieve employees, create a good growth environment for employees, help them realize their own values and make them feel proud.
Shareholders are the investors of Zhengyang and the strong backing of the survival of enterprises. Only the satisfaction and sustained support of shareholders can keep the company sustainable, stable and harmonious development and enhance the shareholder value. It is Zhengyang's duty.
Zhengyang has been involved in various business sectors, we should strive to be the leader of the industry, occupy the commanding position of the industry and lead the healthy development of the industry.
3、 Zhengyang mission
Provide more safe products for customers and promote the development of transportation industry.
Customer is the foundation of Zhengyang. Only the satisfaction and recognition of customers can keep the company developing rapidly and healthily. It is Zhengyang's unremitting pursuit to provide more safe products and services and improve customer satisfaction.
Zhengyang is committed to the improvement, promotion and innovation of the quality of transportation products, and is committed to integrating its own development into the development process of transportation industry and acting as the promoter of the development of transportation industry.
4、 Zhengyang core values
Honesty, dedication, team, innovation, gratitude, diligence and frugality
Integrity [interpretation]
Honesty and credit to customers, to society, to employees and to stakeholders is the "integrity" of Zhengyang group.
To be honest with customers is to ensure the quality, quantity and quantity of orders.
To social integrity is to establish the image of enterprise honest and legal management, create a fair competition, standardized and orderly industry market environment, lead the healthy development of the industry, repay the society and feed the society.
To be honest with employees means to be responsible for employees, and to do things and to practice them.
To be honest with stakeholders is to strictly abide by the contract, pay attention to credit, keep credit, and benefit and mutual benefit.
Honesty is a state, a mind, a moral character, a habit, and an act. Only honesty and credit can the enterprise grow young in basic industry and develop steadily and continuously.
Key code of conduct:
1. put honesty first.
2. those who promise others should fulfill them and those who promise themselves should also be practiced.
3. speak of reputation, meet and strive to exceed customer needs.
4. do things with firm and honest attitude. Face yourself and face others.
5. be open and honest.
Dedication [interpretation]
Responsibility, executive power and continuous improvement of professional literacy and skills are the "dedication" of Zhengyang group.
Responsibility is to be responsible for people and to start a business.
Executive power is to implement the company's policies, policies, rules and regulations, and deepen and refine the company's will.
To improve professional quality and skills is to learn, master advanced knowledge, technology and experience, do one line love one line, one post and one post, be diligent, practical and do everything well.
Engagement is an attitude and a responsibility. Only by dedicated work can we be more professional, attentive and focused, and be responsible for ourselves, enterprises, shareholders and stakeholders.
Key code of conduct:
1. due diligence: Based on their own duties, seeking truth from facts, step by step.
2. responsibility: be brave in taking responsibility and taking responsibility.
3. dedication: persevere, respect the cause that he is engaged in, and devote himself to the cause.
4. try your best to treat the company's affairs as your own. Encourage dedication and endless struggle for the cause; Set higher goals constantly, and the best performance today is the minimum requirement of tomorrow.
5. try your best to learn professional knowledge and improve professional skills.
Team [interpretation]
Cooperation, cooperation and support, taking into account the overall situation, is the "team" of Zhengyang group.
Cooperation refers to our management mode, which requires coordination among departments, and it has become an important management technology and skill. We advocate cooperative operation to achieve the effect of 1 + 1 > 2.
Cooperation and support means cooperating with each other, supporting each other, complementing each other and developing the team spirit.
Taking the overall situation into consideration is to start from the overall situation, take the overall interests as the priority, and have the overall consciousness.
Team building is what we have always adhered to, and the team spirit is what we have always adhered to. With this spirit, we have no way to go and cannot. Excellent team spirit is an important part of our core competitiveness.
Key code of conduct:
1. create a working atmosphere of mutual trust, cooperation, solidarity and efficiency.
2. create learning team, complementary team and intelligent team. Close cooperation is formed between departments and employees.
3. advocate the concept of "smile, listen, tolerate and gratitude", and guide the team to live in harmony, respect personality, communicate equally, treat people sincerely and tolerate each other,.
4. recognize team value, pay attention to team dynamics, strengthen team learning, attach importance to team building, improve team operation, establish excellent team, and realize team value management.
5. in the overall situation, the interests of the enterprise are higher than all. Share experiences, knowledge, honors and achievements together to maximize the effectiveness of collective wisdom.
Innovation [interpretation]
New vision, new ideas and new methods are the "innovation" of Zhengyang group.
New vision, with a new perspective, new ideas to examine the problems encountered in the work.
New ideas, emancipate the mind, broaden ideas, and do not abide by the rules and regulations.
New methods, in everything, think about whether there is a better new way, new method.
Innovation is the source of the strength of the company's development, and the soul of the company is to insist on management innovation and technical innovation.
Key code of conduct:
1. not satisfied with the status quo, and make a little progress every day.
2. adapt to the daily changes of the company and do not complain.
3. face changes, treat rationally, communicate fully and cooperate in good faith.
4. the difficulties and setbacks caused by changes can be self-adjusting, and positively influence and drive colleagues.
5. have a forward-looking sense in the work and actively seek new ideas and new methods. Create changes and bring about breakthrough performance improvements.
Gratitude [interpretation]
It is the "gratitude" of Zhengyang group to be grateful for our era, the policy of reform and opening up, and all the people and things that have helped the development of the group.
To be grateful for the society is to take social responsibility and benefit one party's people.
Thanks to our customers, because of your years of support and strict requirements, we have made progress and development.
Thanks for paying attention to our friends. Because of your concern, we need to think and learn constantly, and at the same time, we have made continuous progress and growth.
Thanks to all the employees working in Zhengyang, it is all the way to accompany, hard work, "Zhengyang" won the recognition and praise given by the society.
Key code of conduct:
1. thank parents and be filial children.
2. thank the company and do well in due diligence.
3. thank your colleagues and actively cooperate with your work.
4. thank the customers and always put the satisfaction of the customers first.
5. be grateful to the society and be a good person who abides by the law.
Diligence and frugality
Hard work and thrifty management are the "thrifty" of Zhengyang group.
Hard work is to eliminate all difficulties, struggle hard, and strive for self-improvement. Never fail, never be discouraged and start business forever.
To manage an enterprise with diligence is to run an enterprise with diligence and thrift.
Diligence and thrift are the magic weapon of our success. In the past, hard work and thrifty management played an important role in the survival and development of Zhengyang group; Today, the internal and external environment requires us to reduce costs, improve efficiency, improve process, optimize process, strengthen management, strengthen internal control and standardize behavior; In the future, we need to create, innovate, and we need to be diligent and frugal.
Diligence and thrift is a virtue, a kind of accomplishment, a style of work. Diligence and thrift are always gold.
Key code of conduct:
1. adhere to the scientific concept of diligence and thrift, which is to improve the efficiency. When used, all costs will be paid, and if not used properly, it will not be cost.
2. start from small things and start from around, saving one inch of steel, one drop of water and one-time electricity.
3. from my start, avoid "running, risking, dripping and leaking".
4. scientific and rigorous management, effective use of resources, and elimination of waste.
5. create labor results by hard work to save and cherish labor achievements.
5、 Zhengyang business philosophy
Quality concept: quality is the life quality of an enterprise and the market for tomorrow
Safety concept: life first and safety as heaven
Environmental protection concept: green manufacturing takes care of nature
Service concept: Service attentively serving to heart
Marketing concept: customers first surpass demand
Cost concept: open source, reduce cost and increase efficiency
Talent concept: moral first can be the standard
Learning concept: active learning by all staff
Quality concept [interpretation]
Quality is the life of an enterprise, and today's quality is the market for tomorrow.
Quality is in my hands, quality is in my heart.
Strengthen the quality management awareness.
Establish quality independent management system.
Establish three-level quality management system and improve the quality inspection network.
Eliminate the occurrence of major quality accidents.
Build quality management system and standardize implementation.
Strengthen process quality control and provide high-quality products.
Strictly check the quality standard and speak with data.
Safety concept [interpretation]
Safety first, prevention first. To achieve essential security.
Establish and improve the long-term mechanism of safety management.
Establish a safety independent management system.
Implement the responsibility system of safety production and strictly abide by the safety operation rules.
Improve the emergency mechanism of safety accidents and make safety prevention plan.
Strengthen the site safety management and implement the dynamic safety supervision and inspection system.
Prevent group injury, fire and explosion and other malignant accidents.
Strengthen the publicity and education mechanism of safety production and improve the awareness of safety and compliance of all staff“ The word "strict" is in the head, and the anti command against rules, illegal operation and labor discipline shall be firmly implemented.
Environmental protection concept [interpretation]
Establish a green manufacturing enterprise with beautiful environment.
Improve the management mode of "5S" (sorting, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning and quality).
Provide a healthy and green environment for employees, so that the employees work and live healthily.
Provide healthy and green products to customers and meet the environmental requirements of customers.
Meet the environmental requirements of the government for green production of enterprises.
Service concept [interpretation]
It is a service to both the internal and external.
Improve the awareness of all staff, all-round and whole process service.
Establish the whole service system.
From the ideological, management and work, we constantly improve our service ability and service quality to meet the reasonable requirements of customers.
Leaders serve subordinates, production for market, logistics for production, and next process for the previous.
Improve the service awareness of the big market, and serve the sales by all staff.
Improve service quality and brand value.
People oriented, through careful service, to make customers satisfied, and constantly improve customer satisfaction.
Marketing concept [interpretation]
All staff, whole process, all-round marketing.
Establish customer management system such as customer information feedback, credit evaluation, after-sales service.
We will increase the market publicity.
Stabilize customers, consolidate old customers, attract new customers.
Think of the customer, urgent customer, exceed customer needs.
Master the industry dynamics, grasp the market situation, and comprehensively develop the market.
We should be honest and trustworthy to our customers and gain trust from customers.
Enhance the enterprise visibility and implement brand strategy.
Cost concept [interpretation]
We should strengthen the cost consciousness, strictly control the cost and improve the economic benefits.
To implement comprehensive budget management, standardize, control and evaluate daily economic activities.
Strengthen plan management, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.
Improve process management, improve efficiency and reduce cost.
We will constantly improve the system of economic contracting responsibility.
Raise funds reasonably, prevent financial risks and control financial costs.
Centralized procurement, goods than three, control the procurement cost. Save energy, save every penny, and use every penny on the blade.
Optimize the production process and reduce the cost from the technical point of view.
Talent concept [interpretation]
The talents we need: identify with the company culture, have a sense of responsibility, be pragmatic, practical, practical and willing to work, have noble moral sentiment, have the spirit of hard work, adapt to the requirements of the post, be competent for their own work, work excellence, good at learning, dare to innovate, team cooperation, honesty and integrity.
Our excellent talents: employees who learn faster and do better than others, can continuously improve and innovate, and constantly create outstanding performance.
We will implement an open, fair and fair competition, and employ people on the basis of their best, and be able to go up and down and eliminate them at the end.
We should advocate performance culture and take the work performance as an important standard to measure talents.
The sea is a hundred rivers, unrestrained to introduce talents, the advantages of the employing, the short. Enter the Zhengyang gate, and be a Zhengyang man.
Pay attention to personnel training and build a "talent production" pipeline.
Use the right people, use the right position, and fully explore the potential of each employee.
Learning concept [interpretation]
Build a learning enterprise with full staff learning and active learning.
Create a learning atmosphere of "teaching by missionary", and improve the professional knowledge and skills of themselves and teams.
Establish and improve the staff training system, focusing on management knowledge, qualification, workers' skill level training, etc.
Learn from each other, share, help each other and improve together.
Learn to learn, good at learning. The realization of "what learned" to "learn what" change.
Take the initiative to learn, change "I want to learn" to "I want to learn", so that learning becomes a part of daily life.
Compare advanced learning, target learning, post learning, problem-based learning.
Learning is useful, from practice to practice.
From specialized to broad, to promote the professional, continuous learning.
6、 Enterprise slogan
Choose Zhengyang to be brilliant all the way [interpretation]
Interpretation of positive Yang: integrity, honesty, sunshine and vitality
Integrity and integrity, adhere to the principle of "being honest and honest".
Sunshine is vigorous, be a positive energy enterprise, all employees are positive sunshine, full of vitality.
Along the way, it contains the characteristics of Zhengyang group, highlighting that Zhengyang group is mainly a transportation equipment enterprise.
Brilliant, it shows that our quality is excellent, safety is guaranteed, service is sincere, choose us, and cooperation with us will have a good future.
Choose Zhengyang all the way brilliant, warm and human nature. To be inside, to concentrate; To the outside world, words and things are clear. Simple and clear, easy to spread.